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Customer Terms & Agreement

Customer Terms & Conditions

Premadebookcoverdesigners.com strives to provide authors with a vast selection of unique and one-of-a-kind premade covers to be used for their publishing needs. By purchasing a premade cover from www.premadebookcoverdesigners.com, you agree to the following:

1) Each premade book cover (Cover) listed on premadebookcoverdesigners.com (run by Bloom Business Media, LLC) (Company) is created by a book cover designer (Designer) and offered for purchase. Purchase price includes the original design with title change and author name change as requested by author or purchaser (Customer). If Customer would like additional changes, please contact Designer to discuss the additional cost of changes before purchase.

2) Customer has the right to verify each design component (fonts, images, graphics, etc) of Cover have been purchased from reputable sources and Designer holds the proper copyrights. Before purchase, Customer can contact Designer to request proof of stock licenses, model releases, and proof of purchase for any component used to create Cover. Designer must be willing and able to provide copyright proof upon request. In the event Designer declines proof, please contact Company to intervene. Any Designer without proper copyright proof will lose vendor privileges on the site. If a Designer sells a Cover without proper permissions, Designer must refund monies equal to the sales price of Cover to Customer and will lose all sales permissions. If Customer purchases a Cover without verifying copyright permissions, Customer assumes all legal risk in using Cover and agrees not to pursue any legal damages against Designer or Company.

3) All Cover sales are final. Customer has seven days to request a refund through Company, but refunds will only be granted if Designer did not produce the promised product. Refunds will not be granted if Customer just changed their mind. In the event Customer changed their mind, Customer may contact Designer directly to discuss their individual policies, but Designer is not required to offer a refund. After seven days, any and all disputes must happen directly between Customer and Designer.

4) Customer is purchasing the use of Cover for book sales only. If Customer intends to use Cover on merchandise to sell, Customer must contact Designer to discuss the copyright permissions of their images. Most stock images purchased come with a license that does not include merchandising, so Designer will need to purchase an additional license, at Customer’s cost, to allow Customer to use Cover on products to sell like coffee cups, t-shirts, bookmarks, etc.

5) Customer understands that while each Cover is one-of-a-kind and only sold once, Covers are created using stock photos, fonts, and components available to the public. This means that Customer may see similar designers to their Cover on other books by other authors. This includes photographs, models, poses, landscapes, fonts, etc. If a Customer wishes to have a completely unique cover, then Customer must procure exclusive photos and images from photographers at Customer’s cost and work with a Designer to create a custom Cover using these exclusive components. If a Customer uses a Cover created with stock photos and sees a similar cover to their Cover, this does not mean Designer sold Cover more than once. In the event Customer finds out the same Designer sold the same Cover twice, Customer should contact Company with proof so Company can suspend the sales account of Designer.  

6) Indemnification. Customer agrees to fully indemnify and hold harmless Company, its employees, directors, officers, licensees, and anyone else associated with the use of the Cover as authorized herein, from and against any and all claims, liabilities, costs, expense, or damages including attorney’s fees and expenses, arising out of any dispute regarding use of Cover.

7) By purchasing a Cover on premadebookcoverdesigners.com, Customer has agreed to all of the above terms.

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