1. How do I purchase a cover?

When you see the perfect cover for your book, just add it to your cart and follow the checkout instructions. In the order notes, please specify your contact email, author name and new title. Your designer should reach out within 48 hours. They will work with you to make the changes, and then email you the final final after completion.

3. Is my cover an original?

Yes. Every cover on this site is an original cover and will not be sold again. However, designers use stock images to create them, so while your cover is original, you may see similar covers online. Don't fret... this is very common and expected in publishing. If you want completely custom images that will not be used on any other cover, you will need to purchase exclusive images from a photographer or illustrator, and these can cost anywhere from $300-$2500 or more. You can then browse through the Cover Designer Marketplace and find a designer to create you a custom cover with your image.

5. I want a full wrap for a print book. Is that included in the price?

The prices are for digital premade covers only, however most designers offer full wraps for an additional price. If you look at their storefront, they should have a note in their terms and conditions with charges for full wraps and audio books. You can also reach them via their email for a quote if one isn't provided.

2. What if I need more changes to a cover?

If a cover needs more changes than just the title and author name, please contact the designer before purchasing. They can give you a quote on the extra charges before you proceed to checkout.

4. I bought a cover and never heard back from my designer.

Emails can sometimes get gobbled up by the spam filters, so if you've purchased a cover and didn't hear back from your designer within 48 hours, please contact them via their marketplace page. If after another 48 hours you still haven't heard back from them, please contact the site admin via the main contact page and we'll reach out. You have up to 7 days after purchasing a premade to get a refund if your designer fails to provide you with your altered cover. On the very off chance you haven't heard back by the 6th day, please request a refund.

6. I didn't see the cover I want. Now what?

New covers get added every single day, so if you're not in a hurry, stop back. You can also browse through the Cover Designer Marketplace and find designers who can custom create a cover for you, or follow your favorite stores and get notified when they post a new cover. You can also join our newsletter and follow us on social media to see some of the featured new covers releasing every week.