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Me without You

This women’s fiction or romance cover is 2000×3000 pixels and 300dpi but can be changed to your specified dimensions.

Price includes name change and minor tweaks. Additional changes can be made if you need them, just contact me to discuss and I’ll be happy to make adjustments as needed.

Full wrap is available for an additional $50. Can be turned into a series. Price also includes two teaser images with your choice of quotes or tagline.

Cover turnaround is usually under 24 hours.


women’s fiction, WF, woman, back, beach, happy, dress, ocean,

Vendor Information

All premade book cover sales are final. However, if you’ve purchased a cover and didn’t hear back from your designer within 48 hours, please contact them via their marketplace page. If after another 48 hours you still haven’t heard back from them, please contact the site admin via the main contact page and we’ll reach out. You have up to 7 days after purchasing a premade to get a refund if your designer fails to provide you with your altered cover. On the very off chance you haven’t heard back by the 6th day, please request a refund. There are no refunds if you simply changed your mind or found a different cover. If that is the case, please contact the designer for their individual policies. 

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