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You’ve designed some beautiful premade book covers, but you have no idea how to find buyers. Sound familiar? That’s why we started PreMade Book Cover Designers! 

Not only can you showcase your gorgeous premades, but with your subscription, you’ll also get a custom storefront where you can advertise your services, including offers to create custom covers, as well as links to all your social media channels. Authors can shop your covers in the multiple premade cover categories or visit your store and contact you for custom cover design quotes if they like your style. Your store also allows authors to add you to their favorites, and they’ll be notified each time you add a new cover. 

Each package comes with a 5 day trial, so there’s no risk to signing up. Join PreMade Book Cover Designers today and start selling!

Signing up for your subscription to sell with us means you agree to the seller terms and services found here or read below.

$0.00 /year

Free Membership

  • This annual membership allows you to have unlimited covers listed.
  • For each cover sold, you’ll receive 75% commission.
  • Get a storefront with custom url (premadebookcovers.com/store/yournamehere)
  • Get access to post in our Facebook group
Unlimited Products
In every 1 year(s)
$150.00 /year

Platinum Membership - Annual

  • This annual membership allows you to have unlimited covers listed.
  • For each cover sold, you’ll receive 90% commission.
  • Get a storefront with custom url (premadebookcovers.com/store/yournamehere)
  • Access to post in our Facebook Group
  • Be a featured vendor at least monthly
  • We will share some of your covers on our Facebook and Instagram accounts
  • We will include some of your covers in our Enews to authors
Unlimited Products
In every 1 year(s)

5 day(s) trial

$13.00 /month

Platinum Membership - Monthly

  • This monthly membership allows you to have unlimited covers listed.
  • For each cover sold, you’ll receive 85% commission.
  • Get a storefront with custom url (premadebookcovers.com/store/yournamehere)
  • Access to post in our Facebook Group
  • Be a featured vendor at least monthly
  • We will share some of your covers on our Facebook and Instagram accounts
  • We will include some of your covers in our Enews to authors
Unlimited Products
In every 1 month(s)

5 day(s) trial


Annual Premiere Membership

  • This membership allows you to have unlimited book covers listed for one year.
  • For each cover sold, you’ll receive 90% commission.
  • Get a storefront with custom url
  • Access to post in our Facebook Group
  • Be a featured vendor at least monthly
  • We’ll share your new covers on our Facebook and Instagram accounts
Unlimited Products
Unlimited Days


How do I sell my covers?
You can choose the vendor subscription that works best for you, and start uploading your covers right away! When you checkout from purchasing your subscription, you’ll be prompted to set up your new vendor storefront. Just follow the instructions and input your information, profile photo, and cover photo. You’ll also want to choose what categories you focus on (Fantasy, Romance, Thriller, etc). Select as many as are relevant to your business. In your terms and conditions, be sure to include things like price additions for creating full wraps, if you offer custom covers or teasers, and other information to help customers know more about you. You should also include all your social media links so if a customer is interested in you for customs, they can find more examples of your work with ease. This site isn’t just about selling premade covers, it’s about finding you clients for custom orders too. Once your storefront is set up, you can start uploading your covers right away!

Can I set my own cover prices?
Absolutely! You are in complete control of your covers, and you can set your prices accordingly. You can also run sales on your covers anytime you want. The only requirement we have is that all covers must be priced at over $45. We want to encourage designers to get paid what they are worth, and quality cover design is time consuming, so it’s important that we don’t devalue ourselves and harm the premade cover design market by flooding it with undervalued covers. You can put your covers on sale for less than $45, but the original listing price must be $45 or more.

What should I put in my cover listing?
Our goal is to make it easy for customers to find the covers they’re looking for, so when you list your cover, make sure you select all categories relevant to it. (If you try to add it to every category, even irrelevant ones, you’ll get a warning before we remove your sales privileges.) After choosing all relevant categories, make sure you add keywords to your listing that customers may use to search for covers. Got dragons? Use that keyword. People of color? PoC works great. Cowboy romance? Include cowboys and cowboy. You get the idea. Customers will be shopping not just by browsing genres and categories, but by searching with keywords, so include as many relevant ones as you can to help them discover your gem.

How do I get paid?
When you set up your account, you’ll input a Paypal address. Each time you sell a cover, your payment will go into a holding account for 7 days. This is to ensure the money is available on the off-chance you don’t follow through with providing the cover revisions to the customer. After 7 days, just visit your dashboard and click to withdraw your funds. We’ll deposit your money within 48 hours.

Can a customer return a cover?
All sales are final, so you are not obligated to refund money unless you don’t follow through with your end of the bargain within seven days of purchase. However, it is up to you if you want to refund a cover when requested, or use it toward a credit of another cover. 

Can I sell my covers in other places?
Absolutely. PreMade Book Cover Designers is just one tool to help you find new clients for your cover design business. You can list your covers in your Facebook groups, on other sales sites, and your own websites. Howeveryou must, must, must remove any sold cover from this website immediately. Our goal is not only to give you a great outlet to advertise your covers and services, but to give authors a place to come to find covers they love… and how heartbreaking for them to find the perfect one only to purchase it and learn it already sold. 🙁 All covers on this site must be currently for sale. You are human, so we will allow one get-out-of-jail free whoopsie in the event you forget to remove a sold cover before your account and selling privileges will be terminated. (Please note, your store cover photo can include sold covers… use that to give shoppers an idea of your skills and genres. This rule only pertains to covers listed for sale as products.) 

Do you need to approve covers that are sold?
Yes and no. When you first set up your account and list your first covers, they will need approval before becoming available on the site. This is to ensure you understood how to list things properly (categories, keywords, etc), and that your covers are quality enough to be included in this site. Once you’ve listed a few quality covers successfully, we’ll remove the approval process and trust you won’t start adding strange products to our site. We do, however, maintain the right to keep the approval process on for any vendors we feel are necessary.

Do I need to charge sales tax on covers I sell?
Up until 2018, generally you wouldn’t have owed sales tax on covers sold. However, new laws have made online sales tax very difficult to calculate and understand. Each seller will have a tax Nexus in their state that means you may, or may not, have to collect. Most designers will not need to submit sales tax unless they have reached specific requirements for their state. Based on our state law, PreMade Book Cover Designers is not required to charge sales tax on our marketplace website since we are not selling “finished artwork”. The customer is buying the idea of your cover, and then you are making changes to title, font, colors, etc and sending them the final product later. This falls under “design services”. However, every designer should check with their state to see if they need to pay sales tax on covers sold. In the event you do, it will be up to you to collect the sales tax for you covers and remit payment to any applicable states. To be safe, call your state Department of Revenue and speak to them about your sales tax Nexus. In the event you need to pay sales tax on your covers, most designers choose to build the cost of tax into the price of their cover, and remit payment themselves. But for safety sake, please contact your state or accountant for explanations on your sales tax burden and come up with a plan for collecting sales tax if your need to. Let us know if you have any questions. Tax laws are changing rapidly, so it’s important you cover your bases on the chance you are one of the few who do need to collect and pay sales tax.

My covers aren’t selling. Now what?
First, check your prices compared to other covers of similar quality and genre. If you’re overpriced, chances are customers will pass you up. Second, check your quality. We know it’s hard to accept that all our hard work into a cover isn’t translating, but sometimes we may have missed our mark. It happens to the best of us. Take a hard look at your cover and see if there is anything about it that doesn’t quite work. With all the quality cover designers out there now, competition is getting steeper, so make sure you bring your A-game when creating covers, and really study genre trends before getting started. Third, be sure to let people know they’re here! We’ll be doing our part spreading the word about this site, but the more you talk it up, the more customers will come and find your great designs.

How do I set up my store and sell?
When you first purchase a subscription to sell, you will be walked through a setup Wizard to get your store going. You can also click here to see our tips and tricks for setting up your account and listing your new covers.

Got questions? Email us!

Book Cover Designer Terms & Conditions Agreement

All book covers sold on premadebookcoverdesigners.com are one-of-a-kind and will be used commercially for digital and (if offered by designer) print books. To ensure all covers sold meet our standards of quality, any designer selling a cover on our site must read and agree to our terms and conditions.

Each book cover designer (Designer) who lists a book cover for sale (Cover) on the website premadebookcoverdesigners.com (run by Bloom Business Media LLC) (Company) to be purchased by a customer (Customer) agrees to the following terms and conditions:

1) Designer obtained all images, fonts, and other design components to create a unique Cover through legal and reputable sources. Designer has permission to use all design items for commercial use and will inform Customer of any limitations on licenses. Designer attests that no free photos or components were used in the creation of Cover (this includes sites like Pixabay, Pexels, etc). Designer has ensured they have no infringement or unauthorized use of any Intellectual Property in any of the Covers listed for sale, and that all photos and fonts are approved for the intended genre and Cover usage.

2) Company is not liable for any Cover sold without proper permissions and copyrights, and any disputes will be handled directly between Customer and Designer.

3) Company or Customer can request proof of stock licenses, model releases, and proof of purchase for any component used to create Cover. Designer must be willing and able to provide copyright proof upon request within 48 hours or lose sales privileges. If a Designer sells a Cover without proper permissions, Designer must refund monies to Customer and will lose all sales permissions.

4) Designer agrees that any Cover sold on premadebookcoverdesigners.com is a unique and one-of-kind cover that will never be sold again. Since most Covers are designed with purchased stock photos available to the public, we understand that there can be similar covers created by other Designers, and no Designer will be held liable for another designer creating a similar work. However, any Designer knowingly selling duplicate Covers will be removed from the site immediately. Every Cover created must be an original design.

5) When a Cover is purchased, each Designer will have up to seven days to complete the transaction with the Customer. If the Designer does not provide the Customer with the promised product, a refund will be granted to Customer, and Designer’s selling privileges revoked. After seven days all refunds will be disputed between Customer and Designer.

6) Designer or Company can terminate this agreement at any time. In the event Designer wishes to remove Covers from the website, Company will refund any unused portion of the monthly or yearly subscription, rounding to the start of the following month. If Company wishes to terminate the sales account for Designer, Company will refund all money starting with the date of the termination. There will be no refunds on any commission or subscription prior to termination.

7) Company will pay all Designers, minus the agreed upon commission, within fourteen days of Cover purchase. Each Designer must set up a Paypal account when creating their vendor account, and all commissions will be direct deposited into that account.

8) Designers who are required to charge sales tax on Covers are responsible for collecting and remitting sales tax in accordance with their state and national laws.

9) All covers for sale on premadebookcoverdesigners.com must be for sale and available as long as they are listed in a Designer’s store. Designer may list Covers for sale on other sites, but must remove any sold Cover from premadebookcoverdesigners.com immediately after sale. Each Designer is allowed only one reprieve if they forgot to remove a sold cover before their vendor account will be terminated.

10) Indemnification. Designer agrees to fully indemnify and hold harmless Company, its employees, directors, officers, licensees, and anyone else associated with the use of the website as authorized herein, from and against any and all claims, liabilities, costs, expense, or damages including attorney’s fees and expenses, arising out of any dispute regarding use of Cover.

11) By creating an account and listing a Cover, Designer has agreed to all of the above terms.

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